Hello, my name is Ali Rangwala.

I run an online business, and this site is intended for education and discussion about the subject.

The Internet is still new. It’s still in a Gold Rush phase. While the opportunities it presented at its inception are no longer available, many incredible opportunities still remain. I’d go as far as saying the opportunity the Internet still represents for the average person to go from zero to colossal profits is unprecedented in human history.

I have no doubt people will look back 10 years from now and see this time as a ‘golden age’. They’ll wish they had the opportunities available to us today. Now is the time to begin your Internet business and develop it as quickly as possible.

Anyone can do it. You don’t need a background in business. You don’t need much capital. You don’t even have to be good with computers.

Running an Internet business, when you know how to do it the right way, is one of the best occupations in the world.

My goal is to personally provide every last piece of knowledge you could possibly need to build a highly successful Internet business from start to finish. All 100% free.

And when I say everything I really do mean everything. Of course accomplishing this won’t happen immediately, the construction of this site will be an ongoing process, but I have no doubt you’ll find tremendous value from your visit to my site today, there’s already lots on here!

Before going any further I want to point out that my site goes into a high level of detail, so there’s a lot to consume. Please don’t get lazy about reading and educating yourself about online business. You’ll be reaping the rewards for careful study and your implementation of what you learn before you know it.

Wondering why this is all free? Please read my About Page (opens in a new tab).

The Process of Building a Successful Online Business

If we take a very simplistic view of building a fully functional Internet business, there’s only two basic steps involved.

Step one is acquiring the right knowledge. It’s common sense that you need to know effective, workable strategies and tactics to succeed in any pursuit.

Step two is implementing this knowledge. When you put the correct strategies and tactics into play, inserting creativity and innovation as needed, you will succeed, there’s no two ways about it.

Unfortunately, most people never accomplish step one, despite their best efforts. There’s so much bad information out there that good information gets hidden away, and becomes elusive.

Internet business, or more specifically the practice of what has become known as Internet Marketing, has gained a reputation for being difficult to get started in precisely because of the preponderance of bad information about the subject.

To expand a little on this point, what I call “bad information” is an aspect of a broader scheme of malicious activity in “Internet Marketing”. If you’re completely new to business you probably have no idea just how deceitful business people can be.

If you want to get involved in the world of business you need to understand the truth of what greed can do to people, and how badly they can behave as a result of it. Far too many people who try to get involved with online business just get pushed around and have their money taken from them, forcing them to quit before they ever get going. But don’t worry, I’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to prevent that ever happening to you.

If you’ve tried and failed establishing an Internet business in the past, don’t blame yourself. You were likely fed weak information, and there was nothing you could have done with it.

My site is all about gaining an understanding of the entirety of online business. If you read everything I write, listen to everything I say, understand it all, and apply it in accordance with how you decide you want to build your business, you will be successful, it’s really as simple as that.

Why ‘everything’? It might seem like a bit much, but I haven’t written that without good reason. From having worked with people personally in the past, I’ve seen firsthand that gaps in your knowledge and understanding can be deadly. So much so that they can nullify what you do know and understand.

Let’s Get Started

I’m opening my site with a series of articles to put you on the fast track to success. I haven’t seen anyone else presenting this information, and certainly not in the sequential way I am.

I think most people who persist and succeed in online business come across all of this information in one way or another eventually, much of it by way of intuitive understanding as a result of their experiences.

But that can literally take years. My goal is to save you wasting years getting nowhere in Internet business by giving you all this information immediately, and all in one place.

Please read the following steps to success I’ve outlined very carefully. Understanding this information will allow you to avoid the traps and pitfalls most people who try to start an online business fall into.

By avoiding doing all the wrong things you’ll do only the right things by default, thereby guaranteeing your success. And don’t worry, I’ll provide all the information you could possibly need on the right things.

To reiterate, the Internet business model I’ll be looking at on this site is one which is accessible to anyone with very basic computer skills and a few dollars to invest. It’s become known as Internet Marketing.

If that’s the first time you’ve ever heard that term don’t worry, it’s just a name which got stuck to this industry for some reason. I think the term confuses a lot of people, so I try to keep my use of it to a bare minimum.

Businesses are built around offering a product or service. Marketing is a component of any business, but it can’t be seen as the focal point of your business unless you’re offering a marketing service to other businesses. That’s the only possible case where your business could be built around the practice of marketing. The only real Internet marketing businesses are those who offer a service to market other businesses on the Internet.

Your job is to manage and grow a business. You’re a business person, not a marketer. People call themselves Internet marketers without thinking about what they’re saying, merely repeating what they heard others say. It causes confusion and problems at multiple levels.

Article 1: Understanding and Avoiding Scams

You can easily learn all the right things on my site but at the same time continually fall for scams because you don’t understand them. This will inevitably result in a state of confusion because you’ll be receiving polar opposite messages.

My message is about diligent study, hard work, and helping others.

The scammers on the other hand try to convince you that you can succeed in online business by pushing a few buttons, and they encourage the idea that all your success should be for selfish ends, so it can be very tempting to want to believe them and discard the truth that study and work is the path to online business success.

Falling into that trap is much easier than you think. If you do there’s a terrible danger you’ll confuse yourself, waste your time, waste your money, get nowhere fast, and quit.

These scams are everywhere, and those of us who have an active interest in developing online businesses are the most susceptible to them. Unless you understand them and know how to recognise them you’ll probably end up a victim to them.

This will therefore be the first matter we attend to: please click here to learn how to avoid scams.

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